Taylor Street Soap Co. began in 2012 when our founder, Rachel, moved into her home near Taylor Street in Chicago's Little Italy.

The house had a second kitchen in the basement, which of course sent Rachel dreaming of opening up a bakery. As much as she was all in for cupcakes and cookies, though, Rachel was put off by the costs and crazy hours.

Not one to let all that space (and spatulas, mixing bowls, and piping bags) go to waste, Rachel began baking up soaps. Beautiful, swirly soaps. Soaps that smelled good enough to eat. Scrubs made with sugar and spice to exfoliate and clean. Lotions with mouth-watering scents and ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin.

We quickly outgrew the basement but decided to stay close to home.Today, we formulate our recipes in-house in our soap bakery studio near Taylor Street.

True to Rachel's passion for baking, we continue to craft every product by hand using only the highest quality food-grade ingredients. We're especially keen on creamy Avocado Butter, rich Coconut Oil, bubbly Castor Oil and moisture-replenishing Shea Butter. Inspired by our neighboring Little Italy bakeshops and restaurants, we use Olive Oil as the main base for all our soaps.

Our stuff is made with the best ingredients so they not only feel good, but look, work, and smell good, too.